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                          基因表达图   近日,北京大学研究团队采用先进的单细胞 RNA-Seq 转录组测序技术绘制出了完整的人类植入前胚胎和胚胎干细胞的转录组图谱,这一重要的研究成果发表在9月的《自然结构与分子生物学》(Nature Structural & Molecular Biology)杂志上。   由一...[详细]
                          background: In animal models, in vitro culture of preimplantation embryos has been shown to be a risk factor for abnormal fetal outcome, including high and low birthweight. In the human, mean birthweight of singletons after in vitro fertilization (IV...[详细]
                          Abstract The formation of more than trace amounts of ice in cells is lethal. The two contrasting routes to avoiding it are slow equilibrium freezing and vitrification. The cryopreservation of mammalian oocytes by either method continues to be diffic...[详细]
                          Objective: To describe the current efforts made to standardize different steps of assisted reproductive technology processes by the introduction of new technologies for the nonsubjective sperm selection process, oocyte denudation by mechanical remova...[详细]
                          Objective: To evaluate the effect of laser polar-body biopsy (PBB) for preimplantation genetic diagnosis on embryo quality. Study design: Retrospective case-control analysis. The quality of 145 embryos after PBB was compared to 276 embryos of the...[详细]
                          Bassil, P.A.Godin and J.Donnez1Catholic University of Louvain, Faculty of Medicine, Department of Gynecology, St Luc’s University Hospital,Avenue Hippocrate 10, 1200 Brussels, Belgium This prospective study examines the benefits of using natural cy...[详细]
                          John C. Dumoulin1,2,6, Jolande A. Land3, Aafke P. Van Montfoort1,2, Ewka C. Nelissen1,2, Edith Coonen1,2, Josien G. Derhaag1,2, Inge L. Schreurs1, Gerard A. Dunselman1,2, Arnold D. Kester4, Joep P. Geraedts2,5 and Johannes L. Evers1,2 1 Center for Re...[详细]
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